WISCO's sole purpose for existing is to provide quality products dealerships use at a savings to the WISCO members. With very few exceptions WISCO provides everything an auto or truck dealership needs but the vehicles. Since WISCO is a true cooperative we are owned by our member dealers. Because our members are the owners they receive any profits the co-op generates in the form of their year end rebate checks. This patronage rebate is determined by how much the member purchased from WISCO. The more a member uses WISCO the bigger the rebate check. So not only does the dealership save on the original purchase, but at year end they receive the profits from the cooperative. The staff at WISCO is focused on taking care of our members because not only are they our customers, they are also our owners and bosses. With WISCO our members receive well known quality products, at a savings, with that excellent WISCO service.