Your cooperative, WISCO Co-op, and Hunter Engineering are excited to announce a new product which can increase your service department's traffic and profitability. The Hunter Quick Check Drive touchless alignment inspection is meant to increase your productivity and revenue using autonomous technology. As vehicles drive through your service lane this unit's cameras measure distances to the tire to calculate total toe and individual camber giving automatic alignment results. No stopping of the vehicle or labor are required in this process. The Quick Check Drive is integration-ready.

There are other great benefits of this equipment. Standard, built in cameras capture the vehicle's license plate as it enters or exits the Quick Check Drive unit's field of vision. The unit obtains the vehicle's VIN and automatically determines the vehicle year, make, model, and alignment specs. Using the same built-in high-definition cameras, Damage-Cam enables your dealership to capture 40 or more images per vehicle in the same time it takes to check the wheel alignment. These images can help when there is a question of when vehicle damage occurred. Immediate access to these pictures can show your customer vehicle's condition entering your shop.

For further information on the Quick Check Drive and video of the unit working you can go to hunter.com. When you are ready to talk with a Hunter rep call me at WISCO 800-274-2319 and I will get it set up.

John Hackman
WISCO President

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